Foshan Jingjiu Pipe Manufacturing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ten years of focus, research and development production

Various specifications of stainless steel welded pipe machinery

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  • Ten years of focus, personalized customization

    5000㎡ production workshop for user needs

    Provide one-stop service for a complete set of stainless steel welded pipe equipment

  • Quality Assurance

    Perfect internal management system, regular self-test + irregular sampling,

    Improve production efficiency and ensure product quality;

  • Professionally responsible

    Focus on team talent training, with elite sales team

    Product development team, after-sales service team installation team

    Regular special training

    Keep up with market development

  • No worries after sale

    Covering a nationwide marketing and after-sales network

    Stainless steel welded pipe equipment can be installed and debugged on site

    Provide free technical guidance and equipment lifetime maintenance

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Foshan Jingjiu Pipe Manufacturing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Jinsha Xin'an Development Zone, south of the country's famous stainless steel town (Xianshi Town), bordering the international metropolis of Guangzhou in the north. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient. The company has stainless steel pipe welding machine, polishing machine automatic cutting machine, welded pipe grinding tool, high frequency iron pipe mould, welded pipe equipment, stainless steel pipe mould and other supporting equipment and supporting products. The products are sold all over the country. Exported to South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia...

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